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Ramus Frame Implants

Ramus Frame Implants


Ramus frame implants are made from titanium, and are placed just above the gum tissue; ramus frame dental implants are usually placed in the mouth’s back corners where the wisdom teeth are located, or near the chin area. A ramus frame implant is used when the lower jawbone does not have sufficient bone mass to support a dental prosthetic device or dental implants.

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What is a Ramus Frame Implant Made Of?

A ramus frame implant is made of titanium, which is very compatible with the tissues found in the human body; this characteristic makes it easy for the body to naturally grow bone around the ramus frame implant. Titanium ramus frame implants will develop a thin surface film with the passage of time, which protects the ramus frame implant from corrosion. Titanium is also a very strong material, is nonmagnetic and resistant to oxygen, salt solution and acid.

The Need for Ramus Frame Implants

The one-piece rail ramus frame implant is used mostly in cases when a patient experiences difficulties with dentures, such as:

  • Sore or painful spots on the gums caused by the dentures
  • Too much difficulties in wearing the dentures
  • Difficulties in chewing or speaking because of the dentures

The ramus frame implant is embedded into the jawbone usually in the back corners of the mouth where the wisdom teeth are located, or near the chin area of the patient. When the ramus frame implant has been embedded, the top of the gum area will show a thin metal (titanium) bar when the area has healed from the ramus frame implant procedure; this metal bar will serve as the anchor which will firmly hold the dentures in place. Ramus frame implants can make dentures more functional as they provide a firm support for the prosthetics; ramus frame implants can also stabilize a weak jaw, and prevent it from being fractured.