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Dr. Prasanth Pillai MDS, FICD

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Complications & Management

1. Dental Implant Failures - In our experience, failures of dental implants have been below 5%. This has been due to the unique design of the implants we utilize in most of our patients, the single piece, basal implant design which is least prone to the condition 'peri-implantitis' the onset of which causes dental implant failures. This condition has higher incidence in the conventional dental implants for reasons.

2. Implantation Procedure related complications - Since the advanced basal implant designs we use  do not require bone augmentation procedures (bone grafting, sinus lift procedures etc.) in most situations, complications in relation to these complex procedures are avoided.

3. Bleeding, Swelling, Numbness etc. - if at all such difficulties arise, they can be managed effectively and we have an excellent back-up team of doctors to manage all kinds of complications. In our experience, these complications are extremely rare.