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The Pain Factor

95% of these procedures are carried out under local anesthesia – the same kind of anesthesia we use for dental extractions and such other invasive dental surgical procedures. In apprehensive patients, we employ Sedation & General Anesthesia.

The dental implantation procedures are basically not  very complicated as far as the patient s are concerned. In case of dental extractions, the teeth are removed from the jaw bone under Local Anesthesia. Whereas with dental implantation, artificial titanium teeth are placed into the jaw bone under the same kind of anesthesia used for extractions… and hence the pain factor is very minimal. It is more of a discomfort that the patient may experience than pain. Testimonials given by our dental implant patients on their general experience with these procedures are available on our websites. They have been found quite reassuring to almost all our patients.  Some of these patients are also willing to speak to you over phone.

For patients who are quite apprehensive, and in those where complex dental implant surgeries are required, we offer provisions for procedures under Sedation & / or General Anesthesia at our Hospital Dental Wing. In these situations, the patients never really get to know the happenings… just as is the case with other major surgical procedures.  The anesthesia is provided by highly experienced anesthetists and physicians are available round the clock for excellent backup and support.