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'PatientSpeak' - Testimonials

Here are the testimonials of some of our patients who have bid goodbye to their dentures...

* Great treatment experience...

Can I firstly thank you for extending to me an excellence in dental treatment in a time frame unheard of in Australia. Congratulations that you have established a surgery in Kochi with world's best practice facilities and on the high level of professionalism from your team - both staff and consultants. In fact I was quite amazed at how you can call for an attending specialist with less than 24 hours notice, something that would be weeks where I come from.

I would also like to thank you for the hospitality afforded me by yourself, your wife and fellow dentist, Dr. Shreeda and Kartich, your "Logistics Assistant" for helping out with those unforeseen needs not normally associated with being a dental patient but as a Dental Tourism patient these things can be difficult without local knowledge and help.

Can I also use this opportunity to pass on my experiences as a recommendation for your clinic and for undertaking a Dental Holiday.

I  came to Dr. Prasanth’s clinic on a recommendation and I would say to those considering joining the dental tourism wave but who are a little reticent because of the naysayers warnings of hygiene and third world surgery conditions that the first thing to do is leave all preconceptions behind. If you walk to the clinic for your first appointment as I did or throw yourself into the experience travelling by auto-rickshaw, you find yourself  travelling along a two lane road that Indian drivers somehow manage to make into a five lane road, where there are generally no footpaths, just a dusty road shoulder to walk along and the traffic passing by is in absolute chaos with horns beeping constantly.  Buildings and homes are all crammed together and many are dilapidated and what western eyes would perceive as un-kept,   – and yes, there is rubbish by the side of the road. At this stage you may be thinking “what have I got myself into?”

But when you arrive at the clinic it’s a modest single story building set back from the road and partially obscured by vegetation.  When you enter the surgery you now see just how different things are in Kochi compared to the cities of a modern western society because what you find is a modern, up to date surgery fitted out with the latest European dental equipment and after meeting with Dr. Prasanth you realise you are under the care of highly qualified, experienced professionals.

And that’s how it is with both dental and medical facilities in Kochi, they’re located in places that are completely unexpected and almost a bit odd from our perspective but on the inside they’re just as well equipped as we are accustomed to and attended by qualified professionals.

It will also amaze you at just how quickly and efficiently they get things done. My first appointment with Dr. Prasanth was at 10:30am. By the end of the day I had had a preliminary examination, been taken off to a local private hospital for a general checkup, straight on to chest X-ray and blood pathology then OPG dental x-ray. All of this as a precautionary check before beginning the dental procedures.

Finally, you are also on a holiday and there is plenty of opportunity between appointments to get out on the streets and experience the challenge of life in a southern Indian city. I found it totally engrossing and I won’t pre-empt the experience other than with a tongue in cheek cautionary note. As a pedestrian you’re at the bottom of the pecking order. There’s the irony of the occasional pedestrian crossing where there is no way in the world that anyone is going to stop for you to cross and when you’re standing at an intersection with traffic lights, waiting for the green man – when he pops up that doesn’t mean you can step out onto the road, it just means you might have a 50% chance of finding a way across whereas when the red man is up, you have no chance.

And by the way, when you’re out walking and you come across that scrawny stray dog lying lifeless at the edge of the road with a cacophony of traffic whizzing by just half a metre from his nose? He’s not dead, - just sleeping.

- Rod Murray (Brisbane, Australia - Jan. 2011)

* Happy after having said goodbye to my wobbly dentures...
"My mouth was in a mess. Many missing teeth and an awful loose front denture which made eating a difficult procedure. Food would get trapped underneath and I sometimes ejected it when I sneezed. Most embarrassing in front of other people. I knew implants were the answer, but a quotation for replacing just the missing teeth, came to an enormous sum of money here in Canada, and the process would require extensive, painful bone grafting. So I did extensive research into alternatives, and found a very different treatment was available in India (developed in Germany) with Dr Pillai as it's leading exponent. As an engineer, I found the arguments for the new (ten years old) procedure compelling, as was the 98% success rate. Dr Pillai's extensive set of qualifications also gave me confidence.

I am now back in Canada, and am extremely happy with the results, way beyond what I had hoped for. In ten days of treatment I had my whole mouth renewed. 8 extractions, 16 implants, 4 temporary bridges, and 4 interim bridges with only my final Porcelain bridges to be made in 6 months time. All this at a cost less than my wife's two implant, year long ordeal in Canada. Dr Pillai proved to be a consummate expert in the art, backed by an excellent team. I couldn't be more impressed. This is the future of implantology, and, in my opinion, the way tooth replacement should be carried out." - Alan Lunt, Montreal, Canada. Dec. 2011

* Goodbye to my loose dentures!

    I have been wearing complete dentures for more than 3 decades and have always had compromised chewing. My dentures used to come out loose often and I used to have frequent food trapping and sore spots under the dentures. Apart from suffering from bad breath, I could never enjoy the true flavor of a variety of delicacies and was scared to eat in parties... lest my friends see me munching with my slippery dentures. I approached several leading dentists in Canada requesting them to give me a permanent solution to the problem of mine. All of them said that I had poor bone and that dentures will not work well for me. They advised me to go for implant supported fixed teeth which they said will need complex bone grafting procedures and maxillary sinus lifts. The entire process would take at least 6 months... Now, in this jet age, one cannot think of prolonged treatment procedures spread over months... With the advancements in medical and dental treatment modalities, I felt that there should be a faster and simpler way out. This was when I researched over the net and found in Kochi. I was amazed to see that they were providing solutions for patients with problems of my kind in a matter of 3 days! After prolonged discussions via email with Dr. Prasanth, I decided to come down to Kochi and get my dental work done. And... true to his promise, Dr.Prasanth ably assisted by his fantastic team, gave me fixed teeth by the third day of implantation. Now, I feel free.... without the wobbly dentures clattering in my mouth. I'm learning to brush my teeth inside my mouth as I have done the brushing of my dentures outside the mouth for more than 30 years! After 30 years, I've started to go swimming now which I could not earlier as my dentures would fly out of my mouth once I hit the water. And now, having bid goodbye to my dentures for ever,  I'm free of bad breath and sore spots in my mouth. I really enjoy having my food now. Thanks to Team.  - Mike, UK

* Excellent treatment
I am home after a long and delayed flight. I was very tired yesterday but hope to begin getting over the jet-lag in the next couple days. I want to remind you of your loving care for me. It was extraordinary. I can recommend you to all as a college of friends who really know how to treat a patient.  My mouth is still sore in a few places, but I'm sure it will get much better with a little time.

I thought I better take a few minutes to write a note and tell you again how thankful I am for the excellent quality of service and the loving attitude that you all displayed toward me on my recent trip to Kochi. I know that you have many patients from afar, but I want you to know that I felt quite like I was the only one there while you took such good care of me. All of you, as a team, should be proud of the way that you work together to make each patient feel at home even in such a frightening place as 'the Dentist's office.'

I am recovering, quite well in relation to my implants, but quite slowly in regard to my trigeminal neuralgia. It will take some time to get used to these fixed bridges and for my kind of old, raw nerves to settle down.

God bless you as you continue to care for your huge patient load. Dr Prasanth, make sure you take time out to breathe periodically. I can only pray for your health and strength if you also comply with God's desire for us to have some kind of sabbath from time to time.

I look forward to my return to India.

Blessings to all              - Lawrence, Canada

* No complicated sinus lifts and bone grafting for implants - 
               I'm a journalist based in Paris. I conduct TV interviews frequently and am a speaker too in various international conferences. My dental condition was extremely poor and I had multiple decayed teeth. I tried getting fillings and crowns done but all of them failed over the years. I was finally condemned to extractions and replacement with removable dentures as I did not have enough bone for implant supported fixed teeth. I frantically searched the internet for solutions... and found Dr. Prasanth who offered me excellent solutions using advanced immediate loading implants. Now, with fixed teeth without any disease in my mouth, I'm able to carry out my news coverage and related activities with renewed vigor. - Predali, Paris

No more slippery dentures
* I can chew properly with confidence... after having my teeth fixed onto my jaws.... I cannot compare the feel I have now with my old wobbly dentures. - Abdul Salam, Trissur

Enjoy having food
* I enjoy eating now... I can feel the taste of the food I have now... which was not there earlier with the large acrylic plate on the palate with my removable denture which I used to wear for decades... - Goplalakrishnan, Trissur

My tea tasting ability is a lot better now...
* I'm a tea-taster by profession... all these years I had to remove my dentures to taste the tea for testing the true quality... and now , with my implant supported fixed teeth, I need not remove my teeth anymore.... Hooray! - Manosh, Kochi

* Implant supported teeth in 3 days!
      I'm a 48 year old businessman based in Melbourne, Australia. I have been suffering from bleeding gums and progressively  mobile teeth for the past couple of years. I met several dental specialists in Australia, HongKong, Singapore and Bangkok. All of them opined that I had destructive gum disease and that I needed removal of all my teeth. They were of the opinion that I should wear dentures for a couple of months for the gums to heal after the extractions and then proceed with implant supported fixed teeth which would take another 3 months. I was petrified as I could never imagine of wearing removable dentures. I felt would suddenly grow older by another 25 years! That was when I started searching the internet for faster and advanced solutions. Then, I stumbled on Dr. Prasanth's site which stated that they give solutions for problems like mine in 3 days! I could not swallow that at first. I felt it was just a gimmick to attract patients. However, I initiated a discussion with Dr. Prasanth... he showed me xrays of several patients having conditions like mine, online. He had used highly advanced dental implants introduced by Dr. Ihde Dental, Germany which claimed to have several advantages over conventional two-piece and three piece implants which could be loaded only after 3 months. I decided to travel to Kochi to seriously look into the proposal given to me by Dr. Prasanth. I traveled to Kochi and on the fourth day of arrival, I had fixed teeth in my upper jaw! I really enjoy my food now.... I dont find blood in my washbasin any more as I've got rid of my gum bleeding too... Thanks to Dr. Prasanth & his wonderful team.            -  Edward, Melbourne

* High quality dental treatment in India
              I'm an NRI businessman based in the US. I keep coming to India frequently both on business as well as family trips. Dr. Prasanth has been my family dentist for the past 15 years or more and I see that he maintains excellent standards in his practice. I wish him all the best.  -  Hiten Patel, US

* Came down for a Kerala Tour ... and got my entire treatment done... for free!
             I love traveling and keep visiting various countries every year. I used to visit my Dentist in London regularly and he used to warn me about my poor dental condition. I kept postponing all the treatment he suggested as I could not afford them. On my sojourn to India, I developed acute tooth ache and crashed into Dr. Prasanth's clinic which I found over the internet. He relieved my acute pain and then after examining me thoroughly with Xrays and blood investigations, gave me a proposal for comprehensive dental treatment to sort out all my problems. He said that I could get it done within a month's time... the period I had planned to be in Kochi. And I could not believe that the treatment costs were considerably lower... and I proceeded with the treatment without any hesitation. After the procedures, I calculated my expenses... I realized that I had got my dental treatment for free... as my total travel costs and treatment costs put together would be my dental treatment costs alone in London!    - Elizabeth Carey, London.

No more bleeding gums
* I don't find blood anymore in my washbasin... the gums around remaining teeth I had while I was wearing my dentures used to bleed whenever I rinsed my mouth - Manosh, Kochi

My bad breath is gone...
* I have seen several people moving away, keeping a distance from me when I talk earlier. Now, with fixed teeth dentures I don't see them do that. One of my close friends now tells me that it was of the badbreath I had while I used to wear my dentures. - Joseph, Kothamangalam