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Does one have to wait for most of the teeth to fall off or have serious gum problems or possible infections before one considers having these implants?

It is always better that extractions and implantation is done at the earliest... much before the teeth turn badly mobile. The advantages are that you don't lose much of bone in the area as implants will help conserve whatever bone is remaining in the area. If you allow the teeth to turn progressively mobile before you consider extractions and replacement with implants, the infected periodontium (structures surrounding and supporting the teeth) will continue regressing due to the presence of infection and bone resorption. Whereas, once the diseased teeth are extracted, the infection is eliminated. But please note... if the extraction of the teeth are done and if they are not replaced with implants as soon as possible, due to lack of stimulation from the chewing forces on the alveolar bone, the bone resportion will continue. The reason for collapsed faces of denture wearers is because of the progressive resorption of bone taking place due to lack of teeth (even dentures will not prevent bone resorption as they do not stimulate the bone at deeper levels as natural teeth or dental implants do).

Does age and physical fitness matter ? If general anesthetic is administered, would one have to check on the heart condition and possible failure first?

Age is not a factor at all. If the patient is medically fit to undergo minor oral surgical procedures, implant procedures turn near 100% successful  We generally take our patients through a complete medical evaluation and confirm their medical fitness for the procedures, prior to taking them up for the procedures. Generally we perform dental implant procedures under local anesthesia. GA is rarely used for implant procedures.

Is it better to have this done say at 70 instead of waiting till 80?

It is certainly better to have the procedures done at an early age... as soon as a dentist has confirmed that the patient is going into a state of complete edentulousness in the near future (even if it is at an age of 40 years). Once the patient undergoes the procedures, he /she starts enjoying the benefits of having the "third dentition" which works pretty well (some of my patients have told me that it is even better than the second dentition as there is no risk of root canals and periodontal surgeries for the third dentition which we give with the help of dental implants). By delaying the process, the patient will have a compromised dentition till he or she gets the implant supported teeth. More over, medical problems which can crop up with advancing age can make the patient unfit for undergoing the implant surgery.
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